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About 2 000 members employing in their firms more than 40 000 highly skilled consultants and engineers - this is the German Association of Consulting Engineers - VBI (Verband Beratender Ingenieure), one of the leading associations worldwide for consultancy and engineering.

VBI member firms play a key role in the development of infrastructure in Germany and in the international market. Our members offer multidisciniplary and independent advice on the feasibility, funding, execution and management for all sizes of projects.
Integrity and professionalism are the core values of our members and guarantee that the client receives the highest technical standard followed by a fair and reasonable fee.

The Association: Communication is our Business

VBI is in great demand as a discussion partner for decision-makers in the fields of politics, business and government administration. It provides a platform on which to come into contact with the most innovative engineers in Germany.
VBI sees it as its task to make accurate, up-to-date information available to a broad public about the profession and the importance of independent planning and consulting. The association produces the highly-respected publication "Beratende Ingenieure". News and information about the sector can be found at the website www.vbi.de. There are opportunities to meet representatives in person at the many national and international events organised by VBI, as well as at trade fairs and congresses, and forums organised by VBI regional organisations and specialist groups.

The Direct Route to your Partner in Germany

Are you looking for a German partner for an international project, or a local partner for a project in Germany? - Our personnel in Berlin would be glad to put you in touch with our members. Or you can contact them easily and quickly by checking with the VBI Internet database.

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TEL: +49 30 26062 0
FAX: +49 30 26062 100

Our Members: Successfully Combining Tradition and Progress

Since the VBI was established in 1903 as an association of leading planners and consulting engineers, membership has been a sign of very high levels of qualifications, extensive experience, and status as an independent consultant. Today, "Membership in the German Association of Consulting Engineers VBI" is also an indication of flexibility, ability to adapt to the developments of the market, and the provision of allround planning and consulting services. Because consulting engineers have long ceased to be simply technical and construction specialists.

The work of VBI members begins long before the construction of a building, with feasibility studies, advice on financing, and the project development. In their consulting work they link together the various specialist contributions to a single whole. With their interdisciplinary insights, they are able to provide reliable support for their clients in all matters such as determining the location for a project, tackling the problems of the development phase, as well as all questions related to obtaining planning permission and legal clearance for the construction.


Consulting Engineers VBI are often requested to solve complex technical, economic or ecological problems and VBI is conscious of the particular responsibility which this represents. This is why VBI takes special care to select highly qualified, independent partners known for their integrity.

Consulting Made in Germany by VBI: Independent, Experienced, Reliable

Independent is the key word for the services provided by the planners and consulting engineers organised in VBI. They only answer to their clients and act on trust in their interests. The separation of planning and implementation sets up the preconditions for the best possible solutions. The spectrum of VBI member companies covers the entire range from highly-specialised one-man engineering operations to global engineering groups. They offer the ideal solution for all requirements: technology, organisation, logistics and commercial. They always have an eye on the complete life-cycle of a project, from the planning through the use to dismantling and recycling.

Professionals and Experts

The "VBI Database of German Consultants" provides detailed information on firms, offices and senior staff. Tables of technical and management specializations and a regional index make it easy to access the information required. Please refer to the navigation on the left side under "Find a consultant".

VBI Technical Groups

The VBI consists of an extensive network of interconnected groups and associations inside and outside of Germany.  In order to ensure the efficiency of various areas of consulting and planning within VBI, specialized technical groups act as competent experts on all technical and economical areas.  Due to the variety of advanced training experiences within these technical groups, the VBI enjoys great professional diversity.

Our specialized technical groups are:

  • Construction Engineering – This is the largest technical group within the VBI, and therefore also the most crucial aspect when beginning to develop a project.  The engineers inspect and plan everything from load capacity to bridge constructions, always keeping safety and efficiency as a high priority.
  • Technical Equipment (heating, ventilation, sanitary) – The techical installations within a building, such as air conditioning, heating, and ventilation, are important to raise the quality and the efficiency of projects.  The engineers in this technical group develop optimal living conditions for specific facilities, such as sanitation equipment in swimming pools, schools, etc, while keeping in mind the issues that may arise with certain installations.  The development of technical systems with high quality and optimal costs also ensures sensible energy use, which in turn helps conserve environmental standards.
  • Water and Disposal Management – The flow and disposal of water in buildings and infrastructure is vital for everyone, and effective planning from this technical group assures that water is correctly transported, treated, and stored.  This group plans and develops optimal water storing facilities for drinking water, efficient waste disposal systems, and the recycling and collecting of new water.  Engineers within these fields guarantee optimal advice and professionalism for the best solutions.
  • Traffic and Surveying – Effective infrastructure also requires effective traffic planning and management.  This technical group uses its knowledge to develop creative and competent solutions for sensible traffic concepts, with surveyors acting as consultant and inspectors in all aspects of the development.  Whether it be the creation of an urban traffic system, the improvement of a bus system, or the planning of a highway, this technical group presents the optimal solutions.
  • Acoustic and Thermal Building Physics - Many constructions require optimal acoustics for their respective uses, such as concert halls, theatres, conference rooms, etc.  This technical group determines the equipment and the construction methods necessary to fullfill this criteria, as well as to provide efficient noise and temperature isolation where necessary.
  • Publicly ordered authorized experts – Impartial experts are often called in to give their professional opinion and advice on certain issues within the building procedures.  They act as consultants and inspectors in order to give competent solutions when needed.
  • Electrical, Light, and Information Engineering – The electro-engineers in this group evaluate and resolve critical technical issues to find the most efficient solutions.  By developing experiences and knowledge in technology, sciences, and market development, this group creates effective electrical and technical installations necessary for the project being created.
  • Geotechnics – When planning to begin a construction, one of the most important things that need to be considered is the building ground in itself.  This technical group determines its composition, its characteristics, and its potential problems, thus assisting in determining whether the ground is adequate for the building in progress.  This technical group also keeps in mind the environmental issues this construction may create.
  • Architecture and Technics – This group encopasses a wide spectrum of themes related to efficient building, construction, and technical development of projects.
  • Technical-Economical Management Consultancy – In this technical group the technical and economical aspects of a building are put into consideration by combining business consultancy with technical knowledge and expertise.  This way project developers are able to interact and merge in the industrial, insurance, and banking sectors for optimal contruction realizations.  
  • Project and Facility Management – The engineers in this technical group offer advice and solutions for the effective realization of your projets by considering the optimal costs, yet creating the most effective contruction plans.  VBI members in this group are also concerned with developing optimal facility management in order to ensure the complete functioning of the building as a whole.
  • Elevator and Conveyor Technique – The engineers in this technical group focus on the safest and most comfortable way to develop and integrate elevators and other conveyors into buildings and constructions.  By early collaboration with other architects and engineers, this technical group manages to ensure quick and reliable results at lower costs.

International: Partner in a Strong Network

As a founding member of the European umbrella organisation EFCA and the world association FIDIC, VBI is able to exert considerable influence on the political and economic framework for independent technical consulting world-wide.
The activities of VBI range from the preparation of reports for the European Parliament, through the cooperation with international funding organisations to the participation in work on the formulation of standard international contracts.
Another important element of our international work is the organisation of seminars and delegation trips. An example is the cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economics on a series of events, which gave the German consulting engineers the opportunity to present their potential in countries such as China, Morocco and Poland.
In view of the proposed expansion of the European Union, a further priority of the international activities of VBI is cooperation with professional engineering bodies in Central and Eastern European countries.

Dispute adjudication

Dispute adjudication is an alternative dispute resolution method for the out-of-court settlement of disputes which is predominantly in use for complex international construction projects. 

FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, introduced dispute adjudication as a dispute resolution process in its standard contractual terms since mid-1990s. Since 1999, dispute adjudication has been part of all standard sample contracts.

Approx. 50,000 FIDIC contracts become awarded every year. They are recommended by both the multilateral development banks and by the World Bank Group. Dispute Adjudication Boards shall be appointed in all construction projects that are based on FIDIC contracts. Such boards are frequently appointed shortly after the contract has been concluded and before any dispute has even arisen in order to avoid disputes. Hence, in many cases the tender documents require bidders to make suggestions regarding the appointment of the members of the board.

Disputes arising in the context of large-scale projects may lead to prolonged disputes and to substantial losses. Dispute adjudication has been introduced to avoid prolonged disputes and such losses: The procedure is based on the contractual parties’ mutual agreement to entrust private persons with the settlement of any disputes that may arise. The aim is prompt, cost-effective and conclusive resolution of disputes.

VBI has undertaken the task of training German-speaking dispute adjudicators in accordance with FIDIC standards. A strict assessment, which was developed in line with FIDIC requirements, has been established and shall be passed by those who wish to be listed on the VBI adjudicator´s list.

Furthermore, VBI is performing the list keeping for German-speaking dispute adjudicators and acts as a nominating body for enquiries from parties wishing to engage a dispute adjudicator.

In line with FIDIC requirements German-speaking adjudicators must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the English contract language during the assessment.

List of Dispute Adjudicators

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